The spoon days

I say it ironically. Like those people who talk about “The Salad Days” referring to the good times in life.
Spoon days are not so good for me. They come out of nowhere and with no warning. Today was one of those days. I slept, undisturbed until almost 1. Even when I woke up, I still could not quite make myself function. Even now, the first part of my day is a blur. I know at some point I went out to get my mothers medications but I also know that I got lost on the way home. When I got home I told Noah that I had a limited amount of energy. I could make dinner for our son before we went to a friends party, or I could rest with the hopes that when I woke up I would be well enough to go. Either way, there was no guarantee I was going to be any help or any fun today. Noah, being the amazing man that he is, decided that he wanted me to rest in hopes that we could all go out together. No matter what, I know he would have supported me.
Luckily, I was able to rally and went out and had a wonderful night. I am still tired but we had a well overdue nice night.

Now, it’s raining. It’s so peaceful. The rain runs down the drain at the corner that is right beside our bedroom. It’s such a calming sound. At the end of a spoon day, the sound of rain somehow helps wash clean the emotional struggle. I have always loved the sound of rain and a good storm. It is the perfect way to end a spoon day.


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