Sword fighting snow

It has been one messed up day!

Somehow North Carolina missed that it is in the South and that it is now March and it should not be snowing! But it is! Not as much as it did before but enough to get school canceled! Which my lazy, anxiety ridden, I don’t want to leave my safe space self was super excited about. But my I need to make money to pay bill and save up for this trip that I am never ever going to be able to afford self was super bummed. I also got bummed because one of the things that I do love coming out of my “hidie-hole” (aka my safe space. But safe space just sounds so clinical.) for is our stage combat class.
I really like this class. I feel like it’s something I could get good at. It’s kind of hard to explain right now, but I think a lot of it has to do with all of the body shaming issues I have been dealing with lately, I don’t feel them there. Now, I still get pissed as all get out when I cannot get something right! But I love it so I have no problem doing it 100x’s over. My poor bar chair does. And Noah is kinda tired of me constantly saying ” Are you Ryan? Are you Eliana? Then back off.” I think our marriage will make it. I’m also glad the cops have not been called by our neighbors. Not because of the yelling so much but because of the constant “Do you want to attack or defend?”
Despite the fact that we did not have class, Noah and I went and practiced in the yard until we couldn’t take it anymore. Here is a video of us attempting to go through the first basic 5 defend and attack sequences with “swords” while Gwen attempted to upstage us as a dog. She wins.


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