Why not play on St. Patrick’s Day?

Like most people do on St. Pat’s day, Noah, Jen, and I headed down to a festival for some Irish fun. Because everyone is Irish on St.Patrick’s Day, right? Anyway, this festival was really fun. It was part get drunk like a stereotypical Irish tradition AND a food truck festival! Since I have not been in the “get drunk in bar and stumble to my car”  for a few years now (With the exception of one night a year at the beach but that’s another story.) I was super stoked about the food trucks. We went and got something from each truck and tried EVERYTHING! It was insane! This guy sitting next to me had said that one of the things we had looked  The amount of food consumed was ridiculous. We could not eat it all! This guy next to us helped us eat some of our spring rolls. I will say at one point I did want a green beer but did not have any cash on me. So the guy who helped shared the spring rolls with us gave me 3 bucks so I could get one. How awesome was that!
Then we went into the bar to grab me a beer and we found a lady who was doing face painting. It was more like face art! It was crazy awesome. All 3 of us had our faces done. While we were in there we also ran into one of our friends from the theatre, Sam, who’s dad just happened to be the lead singer in the band. They managed to get us Jen and me a drink which was really nice and was a great cut off point for me and maybe a little past a cut off point for dear Jen. Oh, sweet sweet light weight Jen. Please here me say, I love to drink until I can’t feel my face, I just like to be at home on my sofa. That way, I don’t have hit the floor quite so hard. There is no judgment coming at Jen from me. I love me some drunk Jen!
We had the best time. I don’t know how St. Patrick’s day retailed I would say the evening was, but it was still a fabulous time!  Happy St. Pat’s!


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