Still Writing

I have not stopped writing. I promise. I have just been writing other things.

Things I have, in a way, been forced to write. I am working directing again which is wonderful! However, this leads me down my dorky dramaturgy path of ridiculous amounts of research that no one will ever care as much about as I will or do. I am directing an amazing version of Robin Hood which this playwright has managed to pull from both original, lesser known ballads and stories as well the traditional and managed to put his own spin on it. It is a wonderful adaptation and I am truly having a phenomenal time just in the pre-production elements. I cannot wait until we have a cast and actually get to see all of our work, research, and art come to life.
In addition to Robbin Hood, I am working on a small production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory with my students at school. It is nice that I have so many veterans from last term and a few newbies. They all seem to be super excited about bringing the project to life. Of course, being children, they are VERY concerned about what they are going to wear and how they are going to look. But I keep trying to keep them focused on their characters, volume, what makes each person different, why we care about them (or don’t), and what makes this play so much fun to watch. Hopefully their answer isn’t just the costumes! Ah, to be in 3rd grade again! Shortly following that, I will be doing the musical version for a summer camp after Robin Hood closes for kids of a similar age. It will be nice to already have some of the stuff under my belt and already built so that when I start camp, I won’t be starting from scratch!
Here is where the writing is really coming in. I am working on updating my last project of the summer. It is called “Twisted Tales”. Basically it is old short stories with very twisted, scary, creepy endings and creating them into short 10-15 min plays to be put together for the last show of the summer/first show of the season. It is a Jr. show meaning that I cannot have anyone over the age of 19. However, I do not feel that many super young people are going to want to come audition for this one. I am currently working on adapting “The Monkey’s Paw”. I feel that story has GREAT twist and turns with a horrifying ending. Regardless, it is difficult to write under pressured circumstances which is why I have started now and am trying to give myself as much time as possible.
If anyone is still out there in my little blog world, what twisted story would you like to see adapted for the stage? Keep in mind, it must have been written before 1920 so that it is free domain. I would like to do this and not be sued in the process.

Happy to be back. Hopefully I will not be gone so long this time!


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