Always too long

It always seems to be too long…

But here I am. Back with my craptastic grammar, my lack of vocabulary, and my partly interesting musings. First- Jen was amazing as Annie in OK. She would have been better as Lori, but she and I discussed. *sigh* She was still beautiful!

Tonight is about moving on. Moving on past what can become toxic. The key is to let it go before it gets that way. I’m letting go. I’m stepping back. Not forever. Nothing is forever except death. (That’s a touch morbid even for me. ) I’m sending my focus in other directions. I see so many of my peers who are burnt out because they are not happy where they are. I may not be able to change much, but I will never know until I try.

Total side note (why writing will never be my strong suit), I have taken to finding quotes that I find support my current situation or mood better than I ever could. Pretty much anything you want to address can be expressed with a Mark Twain quite. No lie, the man is a word master. Not just in his novels, but his wittitudes (like wit and attitude combined in a saying) will always provide great support or make you examine the situation you are in. Regardless, I have two favorites at the moment and please understand I am not copy and painting cause I’m to lazy for that. 1) “It is easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone they have been fooled.” 2) “Comparison is the death of joy.”

Okay. There is more to say on all of this I am sure. However, I am at Jen’s dog/house sitting house and am nodding off. So enjoy your 3:30 musings. And hopefully I will see you soon.


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