Think Pink!

It gets better – I promise!

Last post I told you about all the crappy Doctor stuff. Well it just got crappier. YAY! Besides the fact that we are now under a flash flood warning til Monday (which is better than the hurricane that we thought was going to hit us), the city I live in has shut down the theatre I work in so no opening night for our production of Legally Blonde. Our production will now open on the 20th. None of this holds a candle to the fact that I was told on Tuesday that the antibiotics that I thought I would be done with today, 9/14, I now have continue until the 20th.
All of that being said, I had started doing a count down to the shows opening by wearing pink every day to support and publicize the opening of our show. It was something fun and a great way to something exciting. When the production was postponed I thought about stopping and picking back up once we were closer to the date but now it’s become something more to me. #thinkpink has become a count down to the finish line of my antibiotic. I will not have to carry around this stupid bag. I wont have needles in my chest. My son will hug me with out being afraid he is going to hurt me. The side effects will go away. My life will return to my version of normal.
So I have decided to post my #thinkpink Facebook post here too. Not just to gain support for a fun show filled with loving and supportive people but to continue to find a way to dance in the rain. I just have to remember, I have lived through rougher storms and I WILL get through this.

9/10-  You better believe Legally Blonde is opening this Friday because “nobody (or weather) screws somebody who’s Legally Blonde”! So in honor of our show opening this week, I will be wearing pink every day!

9/11- What’s wonderful way to start day 2 of pink week? Having brunch with Jordan Beswick at The Iron Hen! #thinkpink

day 2
9/12- I know it’s late but sadly Legally Blonde will now be opening next weekend. So I took off to the salon to make it life a little better and they were giving away pens THAT WERE ALSO STYLUS! Come to see the show to get the reference!

LB day 4

9/13- Legally Blonde The Musical presented by The Gallery Players, Inc may have been postponed, but that won’t stop me from thinking pink! Everyone needs a pink drink at Starbucks before a hurricane. It’s the cardinal rule of weather!
day 5

9/14 – Tonight’s pink is brought to you by the lovely Laura Moog Lanier! As the storm heads our way (maybe) I get to snuggle in my bunny PJ’s! #thinkpink


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