I may have said too much

It is days like today I am so grateful for everyone that took the time to #thinkpink or just support me at all. Today was full of reminders of how limited I am sometimes. For the most part I am strong, confident, positive, and I just all out refuse to believe that this condition effects me. On a good day I forget that it does. However, I have been handed a swift kick in the ass recently and as much as I keep trying to act like it’s not there, it is. Days like today make it hard to forget. I just have to remember the good and forget the bad. Like all rough things, this too shall pass.

(Yes the shirt is pink! LOL)

Part of me is very concerned that all these post to Facebook maybe sharing too much. The support is wonderful but I may…I may have said things that make it seem like all I am doing searching for support. And I am in a way. But I am also doing this to support the production and explain why I am still connected to this bag that I SHOULD have been rid of a week ago.

#thinkpink was original for the production. So maybe I can turn it back around. Help people remember, help me remember, what this started of as!


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