Good Morning Baltimore!


This Tracy finally made her trip to the place where she was born! Not going to lie, it would have been nice to have come before I was in the show. This place is…well…it’s all over the map. You have heard the saying “The wrong side of the tracks.” The track is a damn zig zag which makes for tons of fun when you are pushing your 2 year old around down town in a city you don’t know.
It has been an adventure. I know the previous paragraph makes that sentence sound sarcastic, but it’s not. It has been a wonderful, wonderful adventure! I’m sad we are leaving tomorrow. We have one last quest here and that is to find the doughnut and then we are of to Portsmouth. We will spend most of the day there, and then make the trek home. Where we will then pack our bags again and head over to the lake to see Dad and then Sunday I am off to Asheville where I will be participating in my first arts and antiques show.
Good lord. Just reading that I am exhausted. All I can do is hope for the best and cross my fingers that my body doesn’t fail me. I know it could. I just have to hold out for the best.

On that note I am going to go crawl in bed with Eli, if he will let me. I love that little man so much. I hope he gets used to this travel thing. He won’t be coming with me on my November trip but who knows what December holds. Hopefully happiness and wellness.

How about wellness. Just wellness at this point would be greatly appreciated.


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